Do you Need More energy 
to do aLL You Are called you to do?

Introducing the Energy Factor Experience. I"ll show you how to achieve 
Relentless Energy in 30 Days! 

Are you like me? 
For years I struggled with...
  • Brain Fog and Focus: Hours of productivity down the drain. It took 2-3 times longer to do tasks than it should have. Staying focused was difficult. 
  • Afternoon Crash and Fatigue: Being tired all the time is exhausting! But tired was my default for a number of years. You know it's bad when you wake up in the morning and you're still tired. 
  • Little Energy When I Got Home: I simply didn't have enough to go around. This was really frustrating with my season of life. I wanted to have more energy for my wife and kids, but some days, I just didn't. 
  • Stubborn Body Fat: I was on the roller coaster of weight-gain and weight loss. I'd look in the mirror and question who was looking back at me! 
  • ​Anxiety and Worry: My mind never shut off and often the thoughts were crippling. I didn't want to think that way, but didn't realize what was really causing it. 
  • ​Guilt that I was Struggling with All This: This one is the worst, and I know I'm not the only one. I carried guilt that I wasn't living up to the potential I knew I had. I felt bad for feeling bad, which made it even worse. 
  • ​*** If you can connect with any of this, please know, you're not alone! ***
The Energy Factor Experience is taken from 3+ years of research, studying, self experimentation, bio-hacking, and implementation—where I learned how to increase my energy. And this was when I started seeing the change and results I longed to see.  

When I Learned the Secrets of Energy, I Started Seeing Real Change. 

Discover the Secrets Busy Leaders Like You Are Using To Overcoming This...
Secret #1: How Energy is the Key To Getting More Done In Less Time.

It's not just the number of hours your work that matters. It's the quality! Do better work in less time when you have more energy.
Secret #2: How To Bio-Hack Your Energy.

Learn to optimize your brain and body with bio-hacks. Move beyond the simple to take your energy to the next level. 
Secret #3: How To Better Handle Anxiety, Moodiness, and Stress.

Leading is stressful and can lead to a host of issues and problems. Learn how to better handle stress, moodiness, anxiety and more. 
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When your energy is high, you can thrive personally, Professionally, Financially, Physically, Relationally, Emotionally, and even Spiritually!
We Help Busy Leaders
What you do is too important to bring less than your best each day!

Energy is Your Competitive Advantage

Learn to Bio-Hack for More Energy 

Lower Stress and Improve Mood

Get More Impact and Influence More People

We Don't Let You Go It ALONE!
leaders go through the Energy Factor with cohorts of 9 other leaders.

Radically Grow Your Energy in 30 Days!
Taken from 3+ years of research, studying, self-experimentation and implementation. Learn how to increase your energy to lead and succeed in all areas of life. Imagine what happens if you have more energy at work, more energy for your spouse, more energy for your kids, more energy for your side hustles? You're just 30 days away!
The Energy Factor Experience!
Here's all you get as part of the Energy Factor!
12 Video Lessons
Watch or listen anywhere to these short, but packed lessons!
Private Q&A Sessions
Get your questions answered as you progress through the Masterclass!
Bonus Energy Bio-Hacks
Take your energy to the next level with these bio-hacks!
Private  Group
Connect with other busy leaders looking to maximize their energy!
Life Time Access
You'll get access to all the updates we make along the way!
Weekly Plans
Easily apply the changes each week to see your energy take off!
And There's MORE!!
Everything You'll Get!
Bonus Month's Supply of Peak Energy Nutrition Energy Stack! ($189.97 Value)
  • Video Masterclass : 12 Jam-Packed Video Lessons. From 10-20 minutes in length, these cut to the chase for the content you need. (Value: $995)
  • Mentoring Groups - Live weekly Q&A Sessions and Deep Dives (Value: $600) 
  • Life-time access to Energy Factor content vault (Value: $1000s)
  • Personal Energy Audit (Value: $500)
  • ​1 Month Supply of Peak Energy Nutrition Energy Stack Supplements (Value $189.97)
  • ​Bonus: Energy Planning Worksheets - Daily help to apply what you’re learning. (Value: $195)
  • Bonus eBook: Bio-Hacks, Supplements, and Gear Master List. An easy place to start your journey of more energy! (Value: $245)
  • ​Bonus eBook: The Energy Factor Guide to Intermittent Fasting. (Value: $45)
  • ​Bonus eBook: How to set goals so you actually achieve them! (Value: $45)
  • ​Bonus discount at Peak Energy Nutrition (Value: Up to $500 off!)
  • ​Bonus Precision Nutrition Coaching opportunity for those that want to go much deeper, there is personalized fitness and nutrition coaching/planning available through my partnership and certification with Precision Nutrition (used by the San Antonio Spurs and Carolina Panthers to name a few). (50% off customized Nutrition and Fitness plan—Value: $1200)
  • ​Total Value : Over $5,220!
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